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Developer contributions

Photos: S106 contributions help to fund new or improved infrastructure, including play areas, open spaces, and community and sports facilities

If you are a developer or landowner and have a query about an S106 agreement that is being finalised, or about payment arrangements, contact

If your query relates to our annual S106 funding rounds (for generic S106 contributions) or the projects that have been allocated funding through one of these rounds, email

What are developer contributions? Also known as S106 funds, they are paid by developers in order to mitigate the impact of new homes and other buildings, which create extra demands on local facilities.

Changes to S106 funding: Since April 2015, the rules governing the use of S106 funding have changed. New S106 contributions now focus on specific projects identified before planning approval.

What difference has S106 funding made? Every ward in Cambridge has benefitted from new or improved facilities, funded from S106 contributions, which help to mitigate the impact of development. These include community meeting rooms, play areas, open spaces, sports centres, and public art.

Does the council still run annual S106 funding rounds? Yes, these focus on the use of those remaining generic (non-specific) S106 contributions agreed before April 2015. Please note, however, that the availability of this funding is running down. The council can only seek proposals from those parts of the city where there are relevant generic S106 contributions still available.

The 2020 S106 funding round has now closed. Funding decisions were made, following reports to Council scrutiny committees in late September and early October 2020.