Developer contributions

Photos: S106 contributions fund new or improved play areas, open spaces, sports facilities and public art

What are developer contributions? Developer contributions (also known as S106 contributions) are paid by developers in order to mitigate the impact of new homes and other buildings, which create extra demands on local facilities.

What difference do they make? Every ward in Cambridge benefits from new or improved facilities funded from S106 contributions. These include community meeting rooms, play areas, open spaces, sports centres, and public art.

How does S106 priority-setting work? Annual funding rounds give local residents and groups the opportunity to seek S106 funding for local projects. Applications for the 2018 S106 funding rounds, which were invited by 3 April, are now being assessed.

What's changing? The way councils can collect funding from developers to pay for improved local infrastructure is changing. New S106 contributions have to be for specific projects.