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Report illegal advertising

Flyposting is the unauthorised placing of literature and posters in public spaces. It's illegal and enforcement action can be taken against anyone caught. 

We have a zero-tolerance approach towards flyposting. We will consider issuing proceedings against any organisation or individual within an organisation found to be causing this form of nuisance.

We can issue a fixed penalty notice of £150 to any person caught flyposting.

When you report flyposting, we’ll need to know:

  • What it is – is it a poster, a banner, or something else?
  • Where it is – for example, is it on a lamp-post or a railing?
  • What it says on it

We are unable to deal with flyposting on private land, including residential and business properties.

Report flyposting

Advertise legally

  • Many shops have advertising space.
  • Use local newspapers to advertise an event.
  • Contact our Distribution Service for help to promote your event.

Estate agent boards

Estate agent boards must be located within the boundaries of the property they are advertising and cannot be attached to street furniture or sited on a verge. Our enforcement team will deal with boards that are attached to street furniture or on the highways promptly and you can report these to us as well.

Report estate agent boards


A-boards in Cambridge are subject to a policy that came into effect on 20 November 2017.

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