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Environmental improvement programme

Our Environmental Improvement Programme funds and delivers small-scale projects that make a lasting and noticeable improvement to the city.

The programme has been running for several years with a capital budget allocated annually to our four area committees. The size of each committee’s budget depends on the population size of that area. The committees then determine which schemes are funded from the budget available each year within their area. The programme was reviewed during 2015 to put more emphasis on smaller, community supported applications that can be developed and delivered more quickly.

Programme requirements

Schemes can be requested by the public, as well as residents and other groups, and local councillors. Each request must meet the eligibility criteria for funding, as detailed in the following document:

Successful schemes have improved a number of war memorials and recreation grounds, as well as landscaped areas and roadside verges. We have added and improved fencing, gates, benches, litter bins, and notice boards.

The amount of funding available is limited – it's not possible to fund all proposed projects in an area every year.

Local highway improvement schemes

Cambridgeshire County Council runs a Local Highways Improvement (LHI) Initiative, to which community groups can apply for funding. They will provide up to £10,000 towards successful bids – applicants must contribute a minimum of 10% of the project cost.

Within Cambridge this contribution can be provided by us, where the project is an agreed priority, via the EIP. Successful LHI projects will be those that provide improvements considered to offer benefit to the local community. For example, better signing and road markings, pedestrian improvements, parking controls or dropped crossing points. For more information visit the county council's improving highways webpage.

Suggestion form

During February 2016 we invited applications for new EIP schemes to be delivered during 2016-17.  We then assessed suggestions for their feasibility before presenting them to the Area Committees (during the early spring) for consideration.

A committee decision is then made on which projects are to be funded during the next programme year from April onwards.

If you would like to suggest a scheme, first you must make sure it meets the eligibility criteria. When ready, contact our Development Unit at to discuss your idea. The next step is to submit the suggestion form:

  •  Environmental Improvement Programme: Suggestion Form

Please note: there are a range of other funding schemes available for different types of projects. If your project isn't eligible for EIP funding, investigate S106 funding or other grants and funding.

Recent projects

Peverel Road (2015)

Riverside (2015)

Bell's Court (2015)

Cherry Hinton High Street (2014)

Trumpington High Street (2014)

All Souls Lane (2014)

all souls lane without noticeboard

Gough Way, Newnham (2013)

Grantchester Road, Newnham (2013)

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