Barbecues on open spaces

The use of barbecues on Cambridge's parks and open spaces is not permitted.

There are a number of risks involved with having barbecues; in particular, disposable barbecues cause severe damage to grass and can impede the use of other park users.

The law

It is a criminal offence to light a barbecue or bonfire on any open space within Cambridge, and also to cause criminal damage to any area of the open space including burning grass.

Designated barbecue areas

It is however recognised that barbecuing is a popular social activity and we have therefore installed barbecue stones at Jesus Green and also there is a designated area located at Sheep's Green/Lammas Land and Byron's Pool which are clearly identifiable.

These facilities have been designed for the use of barbecues, specifically disposable ones and will avoid any damage being caused to grass. It is not permitted to barbecue at any other location other than on the three areas specified above.

When using these the designated facilities do not leave barbecue trays unattended as they pose a health and safety risk to yourself and other park users.

Before disposing of the tray please ensure all coals are completely put out and the tray has cooled down before placing it carefully in one of the bins provided.

During the spring and summer season, officers from our Streets and Open Spaces team will be on the green open spaces in Cambridge and will hand out free red bags to dispose of litter. These bags can also be obtained from Enforcement, City Rangers, Dog Warden and Street Cleansing operatives.

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