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Parking on grass verges in Mowbray and Fendon Road

Mowbray Road and Fendon Road byelaw

A verge-parking byelaw covering Mowbray Road and Fendon Road has reduced the number of vehicles parked on the verges and, together with the reinstatement of the verges, has had a positive effect on the visual impact of the area.

Signs are displayed on each lamppost to advertise the byelaw. Driving over verges to access property, which had been a cause of additional problems, is also covered by the byelaw.

Breaches of the byelaw are dealt with by means of prosecution through the magistrates' court, which can incur a £500 penalty upon conviction.

Verge parking in other areas

There are no other byelaws in place in Cambridge, apart from Mowbray and Fendon Road, and no enforcement action can be taken.

We do not promote or support parking on any grass verges, because:

  • it can obstruct the highway and prevent pedestrians and wheelchair users from accessing roads and paths
  • it can cause a hazard to other motorists, especially if the vehicle is parked on a bend, narrow road or junction

Yellow lines at the edge of the carriageway indicate waiting restrictions. The police enforce them.

Where necessary, a byelaw can be introduced to enforce these restrictions. If you would like a road in your area to be considered for inclusion in a verge-parking byelaw, speak to your local councillor.

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