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Cambridge City Council

Cost of living support - grants, vouchers and advice to help you manage the rising cost of living.

Mapping poverty

Our anti-poverty strategy helps us improve the standard of living for residents on a low income in the city.

Part of this strategy involves the review of evidence to ensure that the key issues selected for action are robust and relevant. Evidence includes both data, and listening to the experiences of local people.

Our ‘mapping poverty’ reports look at our data to assess the extent and distribution of low-income households in the city. The latest report shows that the total benefit population has remained fairly steady a part from a marked increase in Trumpington ward.

The Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015 helps inform us about variations in relative disadvantage between communities. The paper, below, shows the index, sub-index and domain scores for the city. It uses market segmentation tools to highlight the characteristics of the communities experiencing the greatest deprivations.

Further Information


If you would like to discuss this report, email Graham Saint, Strategy Officer at or call 01223 457044.