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Cambridge City Council

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Housing research

Strategic housing key facts

Statistics on housing in Cambridge, including information on house sales and private rents, council homes, applicants on the housing register (Home-Link) and new homes required. Updated quarterly.

A summary is provided, as well as a full set of data for each quarter.

Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Cambridgshire Insight publishes a strategic housing market assessment. It is updated regularly, and ongoing improvements to it are being made.

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment

A Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment was published in 2016, covering the areas of Cambridgeshire, King's Lynn & West Norfolk, Peterborough and West Suffolk. This replaced the previous assessment, which was carried out in 2006 and reviewed in 2011.

A further assessment is currently under way.

Build to rent research

This research assesses the role that purpose-built housing for rent (‘build to rent’) might take in the local area. It was commissioned by us, South Cambridgeshire District Council and West Suffolk Council.

Private sector house condition surveys

We conduct  private sector house condition surveys as a way of maintaining a detailed picture of housing conditions in the private sector.

The survey results help us form strategies and inform investment decisions, and feed into statistical returns and other internal reports.

The most recent one was carried out in 2015. This was made up of two elements: a report based on modelling of the housing stock; and an interactive atlas which pulls together a range of data from other sources. 

Our previous housing condition survey was in 2009

Cambridgeshire housing research

Cambridgeshire Insight is a shared knowledge base for the Cambridgeshire area, which includes data and research on a range of housing and other issues.