Local Plan review: Reference documents library

The reference documents library comprises the evidence base and supporting documents that were used in the production of the Cambridge City Council Cambridge Local Plan 2014: Submission and the South Cambridgeshire District Council Proposed Submission Local Plan (July 2013).

The library is a joint library including documents from Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council. The library will be updated throughout the examination process and additional sections will be added.

Please note:  If you are not able to access a document within the Local Plan examination reference document library, please contact our Planning Policy Team on 01223 457200 or email us at policysurveys@cambridge.gov.uk.

The reference documents library is arranged in the following order:

  • RD/Gen - General documents
  • RD/NP - National policy
  • RD/Gov - Government regulations and acts
  • RD/Sub/SC - South Cambridgeshire District Council submission documents
  • RD/Sub/C - Cambridge City Council submission documents
  • RD/Top - Topic papers
  • RD/CR - Committee reports and minutes
  • RD/LP - Earlier stages of plan making
  • RD/AD - Adopted development plan documents
  • RD/SPD - Adopted supplementary planning documents
  • RD/Strat - Development strategy
  • RD/SS - Strategic sites
  • RD/CC - Climate change and managing resources
  • RD/HQ - Design and high quality places
  • RD/NE - Protecting and enhancing the natural and historic environment
  • RD/H - Housing
  • RD/E - Economy and tourism
  • RD/CSF - Communities, services and facilities
  • RD/T - Transport and Infrastructure
  • RD/RWL & DIO – Documents referred to in representations submitted by RLW Estates Ltd and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation
  • RD/SCG – Statements of Common Ground

Submission Documents

A comprehensive list of all of the documents submitted to the Secretary of State is available in the reference documents library.

The submission documents for the Cambridge Local Plan 2014: Proposed Submission include:

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