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Housing support service

The housing support service works within the government's Supporting People framework, supporting residents while they resolve lifestyle issues and enabling them to make positive changes in their lives.

The service is client-led and client-focused and its success depends upon the commitment of the clients themselves.

For more information on who is eligible, phone 0800 1105 765 and ask to speak to a housing support co-ordinator.

As a short-term funded service, of less than two years, there is no charge for this service.

Service standards

We will:

  • treat you with consideration and respect
  • keep your information confidential and inform you if we need to share it with others
  • make reasonable efforts to inform you if we cannot keep an appointment and we ask that you do the same
  • offer you an assessment interview within 28 days of receiving a referral for you
  • respect your privacy, customs and culture
  • write all publications and letters in plain language and provide translation where appropriate
  • provide communication support for clients with language, sight or hearing difficulties
    consult service users on service development and will tell you the outcome of consultation and satisfaction surveys.

Resettlement support

We can offer resettlement support for three to six months depending on the needs of the individual. It may be offered to clients moving into permanent accommodation, for example:

  • people moving from supported accommodation
  • people on the housing needs register
    people transferring tenancy or doing a mutual exchange within the city
  • people being discharged from hospital, rehabilitation locations and prison

During this time we can help with:

  • providing a co-ordinated approach to the tenant's care through working with other services
  • organising the actual move where appropriate
  • organising utilities (gas, water, electricity)
  • assisting with furnishings and carpets
  • change of address details
  • Housing Benefit and Council Tax applications
  • familiarising clients with the local community and area

Floating support

Floating support is provided to people who have or may have difficulties in managing their tenancy. The support is offered while the need is apparent and funding is available. Support is client-led and tailored to individual needs.

During this time we can help by:

  • talking to service providers to co-ordinate care
  • accompanying clients to appointments and meetings
  • advising on maintenance of dwelling, appliances and garden
  • advising on household management and helping clients develop the skills needed to maintain their homes
  • advising on household security
  • encouraging clients to take up opportunities in training, employment, education and voluntary work


Contact Circle Support at or on

0800 110 5765.

Write to:

Circle Support
1 St Catherine's Square
Cambridge CB4 3XA

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