Inspecting gas appliances

By law, we must inspect all gas appliances in the homes we own once a year.

Our gas contractor carries out all repairs, services and inspections on the gas appliances we own.

They will need to enter your home once a year to carry out work. Mears are our contractors at the moment.

Our contractors will always let you know when they are going to call

If the appointment is inconvenient, you should call them to rearrange it.

If you miss an appointment, we will write to you telling you to make another appointment urgently.

If you fail to keep the second appointment, we will gain entry anyway and charge you for this work, up to £100.

It is extremely important that you or a friend or relative (who is 18 or older) can be at home to let our contractors in.

If you miss an appointment, this will cost us money and you may be putting your home in danger.

When the contractors are in your home, they will:

  • use a dust sheet to protect your flooring
  • take your boiler apart and vacuum it
  • check your gas meter
  • check the ventilation in your home
  • if you have radiators, take a water sample from one of them

Quality control checks

To make sure that we are providing the best possible service, we carry out quality-control checks on about 5% of the gas services carried out.

So, it is possible that you may receive another visit from one of our quality inspectors after the service.

The inspector will check the gas appliance and make a note of any comments you may make.

Satisfaction survey

You will receive a customer satisfaction survey with your service appointment letter.

Please fill in and return the form as your comments provide useful feedback on the standard and quality of our service.

If you have no gas appliances

Even if you have no gas appliances, we still need to have access to your home.

The health and safety executive insists that all landlords must inspect every property they own once a year - this includes homes that have no gas supply.

This reassures everyone living in the neighbourhood that the risk of a gas explosion has been reduced.

The safety inspection visit takes about five minutes but it is vital for everyone's safety.

Some rules

For your safety, always follow these rules:

  • Do not block the ventilation in a room that has a gas boiler with an open flue.
  • Do not fit a ceiling fan in a room that has a gas boiler with an open flue or gas fire.
  • Carbon-monoxide detectors fitted in your home must not be removed, painted or altered in any way.
  • Do not install surrounds to any gas appliances unless you have our permission.
  • Do not paint or alter casings to any gas appliance in any way.
  • Boiler flues that go through an outside wall must not be covered or altered in any way. This includes building any extension such as a conservatory which would enclose a boiler flue.

Your own gas appliances

If you have had your own gas appliance fitted in your home, we will carry out a general safety inspection but not a full service.

It is your responsibility to have it serviced every year by a CORGI-registered engineer.

However, we are responsible for any chimney used by your own appliance, and the engineer will check it.

You cannot see, smell or taste carbon monoxide, so it is important to ask your CORGI-registered engineer or your landlord for a gas safety certificate.

You must have this by law to show that your gas appliances have been serviced.

Please let us into your home when we ask

Last year we serviced all the gas appliances we own. To achieve this, we had to gain access to every property, and we have a firm forced-entry policy.

We do not want to force entry to your home but we must do all we can to make sure that you, your family, your home and everyone living in your neighbourhood is safe.