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Elections and voting

Where, when and how to vote, the electoral register and about the next elections

We are now canvassing properties across the city - look out for your form!
Information on the parliamentary ('general') and city council elections that took place on 7 May and the Romsey county by-election held on 25 June
Eligibility, registering and how to update your details
A guide to casting your vote on election day
A guide to how it works and applying
A guide to the 'full' and 'open' registers
Request in writing or complete our online form
What to do if you want to stand as a candidate in a local election
Summary of the results going back 5 years
Use our map to find out where your local polling station is
Information on the new system of individual electoral registration
Request in writing, giving details of why you object
We have reviewed polling districts and polling places in the City
You need 4,563 signatures to ask for a referendum
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