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Subletting your leasehold property

As a leaseholder you have the option to sublet your flat. Your lease agreement explains the agreement between you and us, including the rules you must follow if you decide to sublet.

If you choose to sublet your flat, we recommend that you get a solicitor to check your lease. Ask them to make sure your proposed tenants and tenancy agreement comply with your lease.

All of our leases state that you must “use and occupy the flat solely and exclusively as a self-contained flat in one family occupation only.” This means you can only sublet the flat to one person or one family, not to a group of individuals, and not as a holiday let.

If you breach the conditions of your lease, the consequences can be very serious. We have taken legal action against leaseholders who ignored this clause in their lease. We can apply to court to end your lease and repossess your property. There is no compensation if this happens, and you would lose all rights to the property.


You must register your sublet – there is a £75 administration fee for this.

This is separate to any contact you may have with other council departments, about Council Tax or other subjects.