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Cambridge City Council

Spare rooms for people from Ukraine

Households that have a spare room

We're encouraging new host households to come forward, to support people from Ukraine who are already settled in Cambridge.

If you live in Cambridge, have a spare room and would like to host, please fill in our short form below.

Homes for Ukraine potential host - Expression of interest form

Our team will call you to talk about the scheme and help you decide whether hosting is right for you.

Rematching guests who are already settled locally

The scheme that was set up at the start of the conflict in Ukraine asked hosts to commit to a period of at least six months, and that time period has now passed.

Although some hosts may be able to extend their hosting arrangement further, not all will be able to.

We now need to ask more people who are happy and able to host to come forward.

By finding more people in our community to host, we can support people from Ukraine who are already settled to stay in the area where they have formed friendships, secured jobs, and where their children have started school.

We will work to rematch guest households with hosts who come forward in the area of Cambridge where they have started to settle.

Support for new hosts

When we call you, we can talk about the wealth of support that is available to new hosts, such as the monthly ‘Thank You’ payments to help hosts cover the cost of having additional people in your household.

View our Homes for Ukraine Scheme FAQs for additional information before we contact you.

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