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Cambridge City Council

S106-funded projects

S106 contributions are paid by developers to mitigate the impact of new homes and other buildings, which create extra demands on local facilities.

Every ward in Cambridge has benefitted from a range of S106-funded projects. See our photo gallery of examples of recently completed S106-funded projects. [PDF, 7MB]

Projects completed since 2022/23 include:

  • Nightingale Avenue Pavilion (over £650,000 S106 spend, Queen Edith’s ward)
  • Mill Road community centre (over £500,000 S106 spend, Petersfield ward)
  • Chesterton Rec Pavilion (£338,000 S106 spend, East Chesterton ward)
  • Abbey Pool main swimming hall improvements (£202,000 S106 spend, Abbey ward)
  • Chesterton Rec Ground wheel-sport facility/pump track (£93,000 S106 spend, East Chesterton ward)
  • Trumpington Rec environmental enhancements (£56,500 S106 spend, Trumpington ward)
  • Jubilee Gardens: improved access, landscaping, planting and seating (£45,500 S106 spend, West Chesterton ward)

See also the Greater Cambridge Planning Service’s guide to S106-funded projects in 2021/22.

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