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S106-funded projects

Last updated: 12 July 2021.

S106 contributions are paid by developers to mitigate the impact of new homes and other buildings, which create extra demands on local facilities.

Every ward in Cambridge has benefitted from a range of S106-funded projects.

Improvement projects completed in recent years (with the amount of S106 funding and ward name in brackets) include:

  • Alexandra Gardens play area and landscaping (£35,000, was Arbury [now West Chesterton])
  • Arbury Community Centre large hall (£50,000, King’s Hedges)
  • Bramblefields local nature reserve (£9,000, East Chesterton)
  • Cambridge Museum of Technology meeting space (£31,000 grant, Abbey)
  • Cambridge Rugby Club floodlights (£45,000, Newnham)
  • Cherry Hinton Hall grounds: phase 2 (£400,000, Cherry Hinton)
  • Cherry Hinton Hall play area improvements (£150,000, Cherry Hinton)
  • Chesterton Sports Centre artificial and hard court improvements, (£65,000, West Chesterton)
  • Coldham’s Lane play area (£87,000, Romsey)
  • Eddington flag parade public art (£25,000 grant, Castle)
  • Gunhild Close play area (£54,000, Queen Edith’s)
  • Histon Road Rec football area (£48,000, Castle)
  • Hobson’s Brook footbridge (£69,000, Petersfield)
  • Jesus Green wildflower meadow (£18,000, Market)
  • Lichfield Road play area improvements (£49,000, Coleridge)
  • Milton Road library meeting space (£100,000 grant, West Chesterton)
  • Netherhall School dining hall meeting space (£24,000, Queen Edith’s)
  • Netherhall School gym and studio (£279,000, Queen Edith’s)
  • Parker’s Piece grass reinforcements (£75,000, Market)
  • Sheep’s Green ecology sculpture (£15,000, Newnham)
  • St Athanasios Hall, Cherry Hinton Road (£150,000 grant, Coleridge)
  • St Clement’s Church community meeting space (£30,000 grant, Market)
  • St John’s Centre, Hills Road (£100,000, Queen Edith’s)
  • St Matthew’s Piece play area (£35,000, Petersfield)
  • ‘Tales from the Edge of Town’ public art project (£15,000, Trumpington)
  • Tenby Close play area (£55,000, Cherry Hinton)
  • Trumpington recreation ground climbing frame and trim trail (£63,000, Trumpington)
  • Trumpington recreation ground wheel-sports park (£80,000, Trumpington)

Other projects, including those allocated funding in our 2020 S106 funding round, are being taken forward.

Take a look at our photo gallery of S106-funded projects [PDF, 2.5MB].

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