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Cambridge City Council

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Residents’ parking permits

We provide parking permits for people who live in a few specific locations. If your address is not listed below, you might still be eligible for a parking permit from the county council – read more about residents’ parking in Cambridge.

We operate a parking permit scheme for a limited number of homes in the following locations:

  • Amblecote House
  • Ashley Court
  • Burgess House
  • Cooper House
  • Coronation Mews
  • Daniels House
  • Davy Road
  • Fanshawe Road
  • Fazeley House
  • Gibbons House
  • Hanover Court
  • James Street
  • Princess Court
  • Russell Court
  • Shenstone House
  • Spencer House
  • St David’s House
  • Wheaton House

Some spaces are in car parks attached to the properties, and some are on the roadside.

You can apply for a resident’s permit, visitor’s permit, or both. Permits cost £20 each year and are valid from 1 April to 31 March.

Residents’ permits are reduced to £10 for vehicles with CO2 emissions under 75g/km. Visitors’ permits are free for people who receive PIP Mobility or Attendance Allowance.

Use our online form to apply for a permit if you live at one of the addresses listed above.

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