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Cambridge City Council

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Boat mooring rules and regulations

All boat owners mooring in Cambridge, whether residents or visitors, are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations listed on this page.

Owners should be aware that Conservators of the River Cam byelaws also apply.

Unless otherwise stated, the rules are applicable to the boat, the mooring space and the nearby riverbank.

Boat owners must not:

  • burn open fires
  • moor at any angle other than parallel to the riverbank
  • double moor to another boat in the absence of a mooring space
  • discharge sewage into the river
  • store, hang or place anything that might cause a disturbance or obstruction (excluding on the boat)
  • camp in tents or other structures away from the boat
  • use any generator or boat engine between 9pm and 8am
  • cause any noise nuisance at any time
  • operate any business

Additionally, residential owners should not moor in visitors' spaces, and visitors should not moor in residential mooring areas. Check the boat mooring map to see which areas you can moor in.