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Arrange a bulky waste collection

Before you ask us to collect an unwanted large or bulky item, can you get rid of it another way? For example, you could:

  • Sell it on a network site like Gumtree or give it to charity
  • Take it to Milton recycling centre or Thriplow recycling centre
  • Check whether it can be taken away by the company delivering a replacement product – particularly in the case of oversize American-style fridge-freezers, which we can't collect

Contact us to arrange a collection. We’ll take payment over the phone, and advise you on how we’ll collect your items. You must leave the items outside at the front of your property by 6am on the day of collection.

We can collect many items including:

  • furniture
  • white goods and ovens – although we do not collect from businesses and can not collect American-style fridge-freezers
  • large quantities of flattened cardboard – either as a one-off or regular collections

We collect white goods separately from other bulky waste. You can arrange a single collection, but we’ll pick up the white goods in a separate vehicle to the rest.

We will not remove:

  • cars, tyres, or vehicle batteries
  • industrial fridges or American-style fridge-freezers
  • chemicals
  • paint or paint tins
  • oil or items contaminated with oil
  • fence panels (although we will remove trellis panels)
  • pianos

Some of these items can be taken to household recycling centres, but for others you’ll need a specialist company to dispose of them for you.

We can provide large link tips for businesses – find out how to set up a waste collection for your business. We do not provide skips for domestic use.


The charge for collecting large items depends on how many there are.

  • Up to three items costs £30 – this excludes hazardous items
  • If you have more than three items, each additional item costs £5
  • Hazardous items cost £25 each – this includes fridges and freezers, flat-panel screens such as LCD TVs, laptops and computer monitors, and microwaves
  • Sofas are charged per number of seats – a three-seater sofa counts as three items
  • Beds and mattresses are separate items – double beds and mattresses both count as single items
  • Carpet is charged per room – one room’s carpet counts as one item

These prices may vary for garden waste, depending on the types of waste included. We will discuss this with you when you arrange a collection.