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Cambridge City Council

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Repairs and maintenance for your leasehold property

Your lease will set out the responsibility for repairs by your landlord (us) and yourself.

In general, we are responsible for repairing the structural and shared parts of the building you live in. We’ll ask you to pay your share of the total costs to the block.

You can request repairs online or phone us on 01223 457060. For out-of-hours emergencies, phone 0300 303 8389.

We’ll usually repair:

  • structural faults to the walls, foundations, chimney stack, roof and gutters
  • shared areas such as stairways and corridors
  • shared drains, gutters and pipework
  • paintwork in shared areas
  • shared outside sheds and stores
  • shared services such as lifts, door-entry systems, rotary driers, play areas, lighting and shared laundry equipment

You are usually responsible for maintaining the following:

  • all services – including water, gas, electricity and telephone – from where they enter the property
  • all glazing
  • all electric and heating circuits, systems, fittings and meters
  • all plumbing pipework
  • all fittings and sanitary ware inside the flat (other than shared pipes and drains)
  • the front door, including the letterbox and handle
  • any boundary hedges or fences indicated in your lease

Planned maintenance

As well as carrying out repairs when you tell us there is a problem, we try to check all of our leasehold properties every seven years.

We’ll check for things including:

  • repairs to the outside of the property, including the roof , gutters and pipework, brickwork, and shared doors and windows
  • redecoration of external walls and interior shared areas
  • repairs to environmental features including fencing

Major work

We will always consult you before we do any work that will cost you more than £250. We call this ‘major work’ and we’ll notify you in writing if we think it’s needed at your property.