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Rent your spare room with Cambridge Supported Lodgings

Hosts, homes, hope: Cambridge Supported Lodgings

Do you have a spare room in your house that would be suitable for a lodger? If we provided full training and support, could we make this work?

Renting out a room can be a good way of earning extra money. We can help you negotiate a fair rent and work out the tax and benefits implications – including how to take advantage of the Government’s Rent-a-Room scheme.

We can match:

  • Suitable, well-vetted tenants, with
  • Friendly, welcoming hosts, into
  • Good quality houses.

Our team will carefully assess the people approaching our service. We create a personal action plan to help them manage their circumstances. We also work with you, advising on a wide range of potential issues, including property standards, rent collection, tax and benefits.

Most importantly, we work hard to match you with a suitable lodger and that the agreement – typically between three and nine months - is set up to succeed.

The main benefit of renting out a room is the impact you’ll have on someone’s life – providing a safe, stable environment for someone who needs it.

So, if you’re interested, contact us on 01223 457920 or email, our leaflets have more information:

General information about letting a room out in your property

The rules for renting out a room in your home are not too complicated, The guide to renting a room in your home is a good place to start.

  • The Suzy Lamplugh Trust provides advice on staying safe when looking for a house-share.
  • If someone has been a lodger before, ask for a reference from their previous landlord.
  • Take your time to talk to people viewing your property and lay down any ground rules early to avoid problems later on.
  • Put things in writing so there is no doubt. At a minimum you should write down how much the rent is, how frequently it needs to be paid, and whether it includes gas and electricity.
  • Remember, if you are a housing association or council tenant you must get written permission from your landlord before you let a room.