Rent a garage from us


We have garages available to rent at various sites across Cambridge, available to residents, leaseholders and commuters. Some areas are more popular than others, so there may be a waiting list.

Rent currently starts from £9.93 per week – see below for the full list of costs. Garage rents will be collected by direct debit.

The approximate dimensions of our garages are:

  • Length: 4.9m
  • Width inside: 2.33m
  • Width of door: 2.14m

These measurements are taken from the Newtown garages behind Hanover Court.


Fill out our quick form to apply for a garage. You can specify up to three preferred locations: our map (see below) shows where our garages are and how many garages we own in each block. The information is also in the list of garages for rent [PDF, 2.8MB].

Apply to rent a garage

You can also apply by post: download the garage application form [PDF, 37kB] and return it to our City Homes office on Arbury Road.

Priority will be given to existing council tenants and applicants with restricted mobility. You will be placed on a waiting list if there is no available garage at any of your preferred locations.

If you are offered a garage you will be required to sign a Garage Agreement, which outlines your responsibilities on usage of the garage. We will not issue an agreement to Cambridge City Council tenants or leaseholders who are in arrears with their rent or service charges.

Garage rental costs

Cambridge City Council tenants are not required to pay VAT if using a garage to store modes of transport. When using a garage for other storage, tenants must pay VAT.

Four weeks' rent and a £50 deposit is required on the day you sign up, and all garage tenants are required to pay by direct debit.

Some garages in high-demand areas cost more to rent. These are marked in the list of garages for rent [PDF, 2.8MB].

Costs increase by £5 per week for non-Cambridge residents or for business use.

Costs for council tenants

  • Garage for storing modes of transport only: £9.93 per week
  • Garage for other storage use: £9.93 plus VAT per week
  • Garage in a high-value area for storing modes of transport only: £18.95 per week
  • Garage in a high-value area for other storage use: £18.95 plus VAT per week

Costs for non-council tenants

  • Garage: £9.93 plus VAT per week
  • Garage in a high-value area: £18.95 plus VAT per week

Using your garage

You may use the garage for domestic use to keep a private mode of transport in, as well as to store bicycles, personal household or garden items. However, if you use the garage solely for storage purposes, you must pay the higher rate rent (see table above). Large-scale vehicle repairs are not permitted.

You are responsible for your garage, which includes reporting any repairs that are needed. Your garage agreement may be terminated if we receive complaints about noise or nuisance caused by you or visitors.

We will carry out any necessary repairs to the garage; routine repairs are usually carried out within 28 days. Any damage caused by misuse of the garage will be repaired, however the cost of the repair recharged to you.

Ending an agreement

If you wish to end your Garage Agreement, you must give at least one full week's notice in writing to your local housing office.

You agree to return your garage clean and clear of all items and return the keys to your garage to us promptly. If you fail to meet these conditions you will be charged for any clearance costs.

If you break any part of the agreement we will issue a Notice to Quit (this will end your agreement) and take possession of the garage. You will also be charged for forced entry, clearance, and a lock change. If you incur any costs they will be deducted from your deposit.

Private parking spaces

We have created some open parking spaces for people whose vehicles are too large to fit inside a garage. These spaces can be secured with a drop-down bollard, for which the tenant must supply their own padlock.

The weekly rate for a space is £7.72 for council tenants, or the same as for a garage (see table above) for everybody else.

Map of garages

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