Reduce your business's resource use and waste

By reducing your waste and recycling more, your business will benefit by:

  • saving money on waste collections
  • ensuring compliance with the pre-treatment of waste regulation
  • reducing your carbon footprint
  • helping you to achieve ISO accreditation
  • appearing as a corporate socially responsible business e.g. environmentally friendly

Improving the water efficiency of your business will:

  • save you money - typically around 30% water savings if no measures have previously been implemented
  • reduce your impact on the environment
  • enhance the reputation of your business and increase your competitive advantage.

Reducing waste:

  • Set up a waste collection for your business: we can also provide business food waste and mixed recycling collection services (including food tins, drinks cans and aerosols; paper and cardboard; plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays; glass bottles and jars; cartons; and plastic bags, clean film and wrapping).
  • WRAP UK works with businesses to be more resource efficient and increase recycling.
  • Sustainable Food Pledge for Businesses: developed by Cambridge Sustainable Food (, local independent food businesses can sign up to the pledge, which has several levels of achievement.  

Saving Water:

  • WRAP Rippleffect programme can provide your business with a straightforward and structured approach to help you to understand how much water your business uses; identify simple ways to start saving water and money; measure the water and cost savings that you have made; and learn about 'quick win' water saving devices. The Rippleffect support package provides a wealth of free advice and support to help your business to save money by using water more efficiently. By registering for the Rippleffect you will have access to online training modules; freephone advice line; online videos; guides and case studies; and online tools.
  • Waterwise offers businesses advice on how to reduce water consumption and retrofit their facilities.

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