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Redress schemes for private landlords and tenants

Redress schemes provide a free, independent service for resolving disputes between private landlords and tenants. Decisions made by redress schemes are binding on both parties.

Private landlords and letting agents are legally required to belong to a government-approved redress scheme. The approved redress schemes are:

We can issue a fine of up to £5,000 fine to landlords who have not joined a scheme.

When you rent a property, or if you are considering doing so, ask the landlord which scheme they belong to.

What you can complain about

You can complain to a redress scheme about problems including:

  • lack of transparency about fees you may have to pay
  • inaccurate property descriptions
  • disputes about holding deposits
  • inaccurate charging
  • not passing rent onto the landlord
  • slow or poor service

You can also complain if your landlord breaches the redress scheme's code of conduct or doesn’t have a complaints procedure.

When to complain

You can complain to a redress scheme if your landlord does not resolve an issue within eight weeks, or if you are unsatisfied with their response.

You must complain within the time limit set by the redress scheme.

Alternatives to the redress scheme

If you don’t want to use the redress scheme, you can take alternative action including:

  • reporting the problem to us
  • complaining to the landlord's professional association, if they are a member of one
  • taking the landlord to court to claim compensation
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