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Cambridge City Council

Council welcomes GCP's Making Connections report

26 May 2023

CAMBRIDGE City Council has welcomed the publication of the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s (GCP’s) report on its ‘Making Connections’ consultation.

More than 24,000 people responded to the consultation on proposals to transform how people travel in and around Greater Cambridge and reduce road congestion.

Initial proposals which thousands of people have had their say on included significant improvements to the bus network and the infrastructure for walking and cycling, being funded through charges for road users within a Sustainable Travel Zone at certain times.

The key findings, which included a wide range of views both supporting and opposing the initial proposals, will now be considered by the GCP Joint Assembly on 8 June.

Among the highlights of the consultation are that over 70% of respondents are in favour of more buses to more locations, cheaper fares and longer operating times and improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

Around 58% of respondents opposed the proposed Sustainable Travel Zone, with opposition highest in the 55-64 age range, and the strongest level of support for the zone from those that live in Cambridge, younger people and the elderly.

Robert Pollock, Chief Executive of Cambridge City Council, said: “Now that the Greater Cambridge Partnership has published its report on the Making Connections consultation, we should properly consider the diversity of views expressed.

“There was an enormous response to the consultation – and numerous in person events across the region to enable everyone that wanted to express their views. There is clearly strong interest in improving transport options, and the knock-on benefits for quality of life, access to employment and education. Thank you to everyone who took part.

“The GCP’s Joint Assembly will discuss the findings in public on 8 June. I would expect that potential changes to the initial proposals that respond to the feedback will be discussed.

“Strong opinions have been expressed by those for and against congestion charging. I would encourage everyone to continue that debate based on the evidence and in a measured and respectful way. There are no easy answers to improve and fund better, cleaner transport options. #DebateNotHate.”