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Cambridge City Council

Newmarket Road Cemetery

Newmarket Road Cemetery, Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8PE
Open all day, every day

Newmarket Road Cemetery has two car parks. The one closest to the chapel has space for about 11 cars, and the one near the Canterbrigg Garden has space for 16.

The cemetery is open all the time.

There are no new grave spaces at the cemetery – there is only space for burials in existing graves.

You can arrange a funeral service in the chapel at the cemetery, which for many people is easier to get to than the crematorium. For services before cremations, we will transport the deceased to the crematorium in our private ambulance after the service.

We have removed two small trees that died from the infant section, and are storing all personal items that had been hung in them. We will store these items until August 2024, in case you want to collect them.

Flowers and wreathes

On special occasions throughout the year, you can leave floral tributes or wreaths on your grave.

At Christmas and Easter, we will leave your tributes in place for up to four weeks. For Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, we will leave them for up to two weeks.

We might remove tributes sooner if they begin to noticeably deteriorate.

Service related queries

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