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Cambridge City Council

Make a freedom of information request

The quickest way to make a freedom of information request is to use our online form. Be specific about the information you want – this will help us find exactly what you are asking for quickly.

Make a freedom of information request

You can also make your request in writing to Information Governance team, Cambridge City Council, PO Box 700, Cambridge CB1 0JH. Remember to include your name and address so we can respond.

We will respond within 20 working days.

The Data Protection Act covers requests for personal information – visit our data protection pages to find out more. We cannot provide personal information about other people if doing so will breach the law.

The Freedom of Information Act allows for various exemptions. We will tell you if we withhold any information, and explain why. If your request will cost us more than £450 to fulfil (equivalent to two and a half days’ work) we are not obliged to supply the information.

If you want us to print and post the response to you, we charge 10p per A4 page and 20p per A3 page. If the total cost is less than £10, we will not charge you.