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Coronavirus: Updates and information

We are adapting our services as the situation changes. For details and to find out how to get help or volunteer to help others, visit our 'Coronavirus: Help for communities' page. Please follow the official NHS and government advice.

Housing repairs

This page is for tenants of private rented accommodation. We also provide advice about housing repairs for council tenants.

Your landlord must by law keep your accommodation in good repair. This includes facilities such as plumbing, heating and water systems, and the building exterior.

Your landlord must also keep your accommodation free from any hazards that could affect your health and safety.

You have the right to repairs regardless of what type of contract you have signed, although your landlord does not have to make repairs until you have reported them.

Always request a repair in writing and keep a copy of all correspondence. The Shelter website has draft letters you may find useful when contacting your landlord.

We can help you enforce your right to repairs, and have legal powers to deal with complaints – for example, falling plaster, defective wiring, or damp.

Contact us if you would like us to inspect your accommodation or want to make a complaint about the property you live in.