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Cambridge City Council

Help us map the city’s trees

We need your help to produce a map of all the trees in Cambridge, as part of our Cambridge Canopy project.

The map will help inform the way we manage the city’s urban forest.

We’re using a free and simple digital-mapping tool called Curio to build it.

We’ve plotted the 19,000 or so trees that we manage on public land – but there are about 240,000 trees in Cambridge.

We’d like you to help us fill in the gaps, by adding the trees in your gardens and on your land. We’re especially interested in mapping the city’s ash trees.

Curio lets anybody with a computer or mobile phone add trees to its global map. There’s plenty of guidance on Curio’s help page.

Sharing the map online and allowing you to edit it will have a number of benefits.

It will help highlight the important contribution trees make to our urban environment. And it will help landowners assess their tree cover, species diversity, and potential threats from pests and diseases.

We’ll use the map to engage you in ‘citizen science’ projects. These will help inform the way we manage the city's urban forest. Our first planned project is to assess how much of an impact ash dieback disease is likely to have on the city.

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