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Cambridge City Council

Free leisure centre access for National Sports People scheme

The Cambridge Fans (Free Access for National Sports People) scheme is an important sports development initiative providing support and encouragement to the city's leading talented and elite sports performers. 

The scheme aims to provide national level sports people with free access at designated off-peak times to a number of the city's leisure and sports facilities, for personal training and development.

Currently five city sports centres are involved in the scheme, providing a choice of swimming pools, fitness gyms, artificial/synthetic pitches and a range of indoor/outdoor activities.  The five centres currently participating in the scheme are:

  • Chesterton Sports Centre
  • Cambridge Parkside Pool
  • Abbey Sports Complex
  • Hills Road Tennis & Sports Centre
  • Cambridge Regional College Sports Centre

Fans is supported by us and the Cambridge Sport Network .

Apply for Fans membership

If you meet the eligibility criteria, print-off and complete the application form below:

Return the completed form to
Sports Development
Cambridge City Council
PO Box 700
Cambridge CB1 0JH

  • Enclose two passport-sized photographs and evidence to confirm/support your involvement in sport at a national level.

A membership card will be sent to you with a letter including a list of facilities and details of the scheme conditions.

Once you have received your Fans card you're advised to make contact with the sports development officer who'll be able to offer guidance on the appropriate facility for your training.

Or, you can make direct contact with the staff at the facilities you wish to access, to discuss practical arrangements for use during off peak times.


The following are guidelines that Cambridge Fans members should be aware of:

  • In order to access the Cambridge Fans scheme, you must live in Cambridge.
  • You'll need supporting written evidence from your sport's national governing body that you're performing at the appropriate level to qualify for the scheme. This should include your national ranking and for it to be documented on national governing body headed paper, signed by the appropriate person and dated no more than one year prior to the application to the Fans scheme.
  • Each Fans member will be entitled to free training at the facilities of their choice during designated off-peak times, when the facilities are open, providing there's no disruption to other users and no additional cost is incurred by the facility, such as floodlighting.
  • Membership of the Cambridge Fans scheme is renewable every 12 months pending continued sports performance at a national level.
  • Each Fans member will be issued a membership card which must be shown at each facility when requiring free access.
  • Fans members will be allowed one free training partner if the sport so requires and/or a personal coach if appropriate.
  • In return for the benefits Fans members receive, we ask that members make every effort to attend promotional events as requested by any of the participating local authorities or facilities.

Stay in touch with all the news

To receive regular updates from the Sports Development team, email your name, email address, ward/district of residence and sporting area of interest to: Updates are sent at least once every three months.