Find private rented accommodation

As well as looking for accommodation with local letting agents or websites, there are a few ways we can help.

The housing charity Shelter provides a lot of good information about how to rent a home, and the government's How to Rent guide [PDF, 2MB] may also be useful.

Accredited properties

Many landlords in Cambridge have signed up to our Property Accreditation scheme, an indication that they are reputable and their accredited properties are of a high standard of cleanliness and safety.

To enquire about availability of a property, contact the landlord directly.

Properties managed by Anglia Ruskin University Residential Service are for Anglia Ruskin students only. Unless otherwise stated, all listed properties are houses.

Town Hall Lettings

Our residential letting management service Town Hall Lettings matches local landlords with people who need a good home.

Register your interest on the Town Hall Lettings website.

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