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Cambridge City Council

Estate Improvement Scheme

Improvements funded by our Estate Improvement Scheme

The photos above show a replacement pergola at St Bede’s, new fencing at Hanover and Princess Court, and new bike storage at Ainsdale and Tweedale. All were paid for by our Estate Improvement Scheme.

In 2018/19 our Housing Scrutiny Committee approved a budget of £1 million per year for five years to pay for estate improvements.

Our Estate Improvement Scheme has already funded many changes to our housing estates. Examples include:

  • New secure bike and mobility scooter storage at Lichfield Road. This gives residents a safe alternative to store bikes and scooters so they do not cause safety hazards in communal walkways.
  • A new surface for the car park in Augustus and Minerva Way. This improves the safety, usability and aesthetics of the estate.
  • New enclosures for vacant spaces under stairwells and crofts in Bill Briggs Court and the East Road estate, which attracted antisocial behaviour.
  • Fencing replacement across the city. This creates greater boundary definition, which reduces antisocial behaviour and improves the aesthetic appeal of the estate.
  • New resident-only access gates to the upper floors of the Kingsway block of flats. This increases security for residents and reduces antisocial behaviour.
  • Resurfaced pathways at sheltered housing schemes across the city. This improves safety for residents by reducing the risk of trip hazards caused by cracks and root damage.

The Estate Improvement Scheme: Year 1 progress report [PDF, 6MB] lists all completed projects, as well as those we are still working on.

These improvements were suggested by residents, local councillors and the police, as well as by us.

Suggest an improvement

We want to hear your ideas for making further improvements to our estates.

If you have a suggestion, it must meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Reduce crime or antisocial behaviour
  • Make a visible and positive difference to the aesthetics of the estate
  • Contribute to strengthening the estate community
  • Improve residents’ health, safety or wellbeing
  • Spend money now to save money later

Your idea must also meet two fundamental principles:

  • It must add value to the estate – we will not pay for temporary changes such as new foliage.
  • It must not act as a substitute for planned maintenance work – we pay for and implement that separately.

Contact us if you have a suggestion that meets the criteria above, or if you have any questions about the scheme.

A steering group assesses each proposal. It includes council officers and representatives from the police.

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