Electricity kills and injures many people every year because of faulty installation.

Electrical work

Anyone doing electrical work in your home must make sure that their work meets the latest building regulations.

If they don't, they could be committing a criminal offence and putting your home at risk of fire.

They should be registered with the Electrical Contractors Association or the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting and a member of the Domestic Installer Scheme.

If they are, they will give you a certificate which you can photocopy and pass on to us for our records.


If you carry out electrical work yourself it will also need to meet these regulations.

If you have alterations carried out which are found not to meet these regulations, we may charge you to fix them.

Fuse boxes

The Daily Mirror reported on 9 April 2010 that some Crabtree circuit breakers have been found to pose a "risk of burning".

The council would like to reassure all of our tenants that while our fuse boxes do contain Crabtree circuit breakers, the model we use is of a higher quality than the models deemed to be at risk.

The models identified with a potential risk - 6M1B06, 6M1B10 and 6M1B16 from the Loadstar range - are being recalled by the manufacturer.

We only use the higher-quality Crabtree Starbreaker 61/B, which will not affect our tenants or properties.

For further information please email Chris Brown at chris.brown@cambridge.gov.uk or telephone 01223 457354.