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Cambridge City Council

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Discretionary council tax discount

If you're struggling to pay your council tax bill, and you've looked at all other options, we may be able to offer you a discretionary discount to help make your council tax instalments more affordable.

  • Council Tax Reduction to be eligible for a discretionary discount
  • Even if you are getting Council Tax Reduction, you may still get extra help if the reduction doesn't meet your full council tax liability.

To qualify you:

  • must be the person responsible for council tax;
  • must be experiencing financial hardship or exceptional personal circumstances;
  • must have taken all reasonable steps to increase your household income and/or reduce outgoings;
  • should have claimed all eligible reductions and discounts towards your council tax bill.

An application for a discount must be made by the person(s) affected; we will look at your application to decide if:

  • you should receive help towards your council tax,
  • how much help you will receive and
  • for how long the help will be given - this support is not intended to be given for long term or indefinite periods

Apply for a discount on our account amendment form.

The scheme is 'discretionary'; there is no statutory right to a reduction in council tax.  

A successful application doesn't guarantee that a further award will be made at a later date even if your circumstances haven't changed.

More about the scheme: Discretionary Council Tax Reduction Scheme [PDF, 0.1MB].