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Cambridge City Council

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Council Tax Reduction

If you need help to pay your council tax bill, you might be eligible for Council Tax Reduction.

Council Tax Reduction and second adult rebate (see below) do not affect other benefits you get.

We credit any reduction to your council tax account to reduce your total bill. You'll receive a new bill showing the reduced amount of council tax you have to pay.

The government has provided additional funding. We have used it to provide up to £300 towards your Council Tax bill if you received Council Tax Reduction during 2020/21 and still have to pay some Council Tax. This will appear on your bill if you are entitled – you do not need to claim it.

How we calculate your Council Tax Reduction

To work out your Council Tax Reduction, we’ll look at:

  • money you and your partner or civil partner have coming in, including earnings, some benefits and tax credits and things like occupational pensions
  • your savings and your partner’s or civil partner’s savings
  • your circumstances, for example your age, the size of your family and their ages, whether you or any of your family are disabled, and whether anyone who lives with you could help with the rent

If you’re entitled to income support, income-based jobseeker's allowance (JSA) or the ‘guarantee credit’ of pension credit you could get maximum help with your Council Tax.

Adults living in your property other than you or your partner (known as ‘non-dependants’) might reduce the amount of help with your Council tax you can receive. The following table provides further details:

Council Tax Reduction: Weekly amounts from 1 April 2021
Circumstance Working age Pensioners
Non-dependants receiving Income Support, income-based JSA or Pension Credit No reduction No reduction
Non-dependants in remunerative work with gross weekly income of less than £217 £4.34 £4.05
Non-dependants in remunerative work with gross weekly income from £217 to £376.99 £8.68 £8.30
Non-dependants in remunerative work with gross weekly income from £377 to £468.99 £10.93 £10.40
Non-dependants in remunerative work with gross weekly income of £469 or over £13.09 £12.44
Non-dependants aged 18 or over and not in remunerative work £4.34 £4.05
Dwelling occupied by a student or students and one or more people on Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or Pension Credit N/A 100% off council tax bill

Make a claim

You can make a claim online. Find our more about how to make a benefit claim.

If you have applied for Universal Credit and said you want help to pay your Council Tax, your details will be sent to us automatically. You do not need to make a separate claim for Council Tax Reduction. Contact us if you do not hear from us by the time you receive your first payment of Universal Credit.


You are not eligible, if:

  • You have savings of over £16,000, unless you're aged 60 or over and getting the 'guarantee credit' of pension credit.
  • You're an asylum seeker or sponsored to be in the UK.

If you're struggling to pay your council tax bill, and you've looked at all other options, we may be able to offer you a discretionary discount to help make your council tax instalments more affordable.

Second adult rebate (pensioners only)

Second adult rebate is for single people who pay council tax and share their home with another adult who is:

  • on a low income
  • aged 18 or over
  • not your partner or civil partner
  • not paying you rent
  • not paying council tax themselves

We work out if you qualify for a second adult rebate at the same time as assessing you for a council tax reduction.

You may be able to get a second adult rebate even if you're:

  • not entitled to council tax reduction
  • only entitled to benefit which would cover 25 per cent or less of your council tax
Percentage of reduction on your council tax available
Reason for Council Tax reduction Percentage of reduction
Rebate for second adults on Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance or Pension Credit 25%
If the second adult's gross weekly income is less than £214.99 15%
If the second adult's gross weekly income is between £215 to £278.99 7.5% 
  • If you're entitled to both council tax reduction and second adult rebate, you'll get the one that gives you most money.
  • Your income and savings won't affect second adult rebate as it's based on the other person's circumstances.

Working age or pensioner claims for council tax reduction