Zero-waste nappies, wipes and periods

Discounts on zero-waste products

We have teamed up with the following suppliers to offer 10-20% discounts to Cambridge residents on re-usable nappies, wipes, period products and incontinence products. To apply for this discount, you will first need to choose a supplier from the list below, before completing the application form and reading our terms and conditions. The discounts do not generally apply to sale items or already discounted bundles.

Apply for a discount on the cost of washable nappies

If we accept your application, we will send you a code to use on the supplier of your choice’s website. Only you can use the code, and we will only issue one code per person.

Washable nappies

Modern washable nappies are easy to use and easy to wash. They can save you hundreds of pounds compared to disposable nappies and can have a huge impact on the amount of waste your household throws out.

You don’t have to use them all the time – many families use washable nappies at home, and disposables when out and about or at night time. Switching just one nappy change per day to a washable nappy will make a huge difference.

Finding out about washable nappies can be confusing – there are lots of different options and unfamiliar terms used to describe them. Cambridgeshire Reusable Nappies’ video about the different types of nappy is a good place to start.

If you can borrow or hire nappies to begin with it will help you find out which work best for you before you invest in more. Friends and family might have some nappies they can pass on or lend you. Some nappy retailers also offer hire kits – you could try the Nappy Gurus, the Nappy Lady or Real Nappy Life. If the nappies don’t work as expected seek support from the retailer or Cambridgeshire Reusable Nappies – there might be something simple going wrong that can be corrected.

You can get up to a 20% discount off the cost of washable nappies through our zero-waste products discount scheme (see above).

Washable wipes

Washable wipes are like mini flannels that you use instead of disposable baby wipes, then wash them. Even if you decide not to use washable nappies, it’s worth giving these a go as they actually work much better than disposables. From birth to potty training you could get through 400 packs of disposable baby wipes, so just switching these for washables when you can will make an impact. Baby wipes contain plastic and are a major source of pollution on beaches - they should never be flushed down the toilet.

You can find out all about using washable baby wipes from the Sustainable(ish) website.

You can make cloth wipes from old towels, or many nappy brands sell them too.

You can get up to a 20% discount off the cost of washable wipes through our zero-waste products discount scheme (see above).

Re-usable period products

200,000 tonnes of disposable period products are landfilled in the UK every year. In addition, 2 billion period products are incorrectly flushed down the toilet, causing blockages and water pollution.

There are three main kinds of re-usable period products: washable pads, menstrual cups and period pants. You can find out more about these and disposable options which are plastic-free from City to Sea's Plastic-Free Periods campaign.

You can get up to a 20% discount off the cost of re-usable period products through our zero-waste products discount scheme (see above).

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