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Cambridge City Council

Weed spraying schedule

We carry out weed control on some land, including roads, pavements and footpaths. We spray herbicide up to three times a year, between March and October – most areas only require two treatments per year.

Update, Monday 26 September:

  • We have finished spraying in Cherry Hinton, East Chesterton, Kings Hedges, Queen Edith’s, Petersfield, Romsey, Trumpington and West Chesterton wards.
  • This week we will continue spraying in Abbey, Castle Coleridge and Market wards.
  • Our list of sprayed streets [PDF, 0.9MB] shows where we have sprayed so far.
    • We are considering the streets highlighted in green for adoption in our Happy Bee Streets scheme (see below).
    • We will revisit streets marked ‘TBR’, as we were unable to spray there when we planned to

We will only spray an area if it needs it. The work is dependent on the weather – we do not spray when it’s windy, raining or too hot. Our teams start early in the morning, so you might not notice them.

It takes two or three weeks for weeds to die off after we spray them. During this time the plants will usually show signs of yellow discoloration.

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