Volunteering in sport

Volunteers handing water to runnersVolunteering in sport is extremely rewarding and you don't need previous experience to take part.

Benefits of volunteering can include:

  • advice and guidance from your volunteer coordinator
  • mentor and buddy support at your placement
  • gaining skills and work experience
  • a continuous development pathway to accredited training
  • improved prospects for further education or employment.

You don't need to be sporty to be a sports volunteer. The Sports & Recreation department have a variety of volunteer roles that need filling each year, such as:

  • coaches
  • sport + exercise leaders/facilitators/helpers
  • Cycle + run leaders
  • administrators
  • sport + event photographers
  • behind-the-scenes staff
  • event registrars
  • stewards

If you spend one hour helping your community, you can earn one time credit. Time credits can be exchanged for a variety of things, from exercise classes to cinema and theatre tickets. Volunteer your time and earn time credits.

Cambridge Eventmakers

Cambridge City Council's Sports & Recreation team supports a wide range of major events in the City, including the Big Weekend on Parker's Piece and events such as the Cambridge Half Marathon.

These events often have volunteer opportunities available in roles such as marshalling, handing out information and market research. 

The service also has ad-hoc as well as more permanent volunteer roles as exercise class + sport session facilitators, table tennis activators, cycle + run leaders, sports + event photographers and database administrators.

If you are interested in becoming a Cambridge Event Maker and offering your time to volunteer at a major City event or at an ad hoc or regular activity session, please indicate as to what role you are interested in from opportunities_master_spreadsheet.pdf [PDF, 20kB]and email sport@cambridge.gov.uk.

Cambridge City Council Sports & Recreation team is registered to the Time Credits reward scheme for volunteers.

Non-council opportunities for sport volunteers

Volunteer opportunities are also available through the County Sports Partnership, LivingSport. 

Stay in touch with all the news

To receive regular updates from the Sports Development team, email your name, ward/district of residence and sporting area of interest to: sport@cambridge.gov.uk. Updates from the service are sent at least once every three months.

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