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Cambridge City Council

Tree planting

Every year we have to remove about 250 trees, either due to old age or because they have become a health and safety risk.

We try to plant more than trees than we remove, with a focus on replacing trees that we had to remove recently.

We usually plant trees between November and the end of March. When planting trees, we concentrate on specific areas of the city at a time. We cover each ward once every three years.

Streets and housing areas: Arbury, East Chesterton and King’s Hedges
Parks and open spaces: Coleridge, Market, Trumpington and Queen Edith’s
Streets and housing areas: Castle, Coleridge, Market, Newnham, Petersfield, Romsey and Trumpington
Parks and open spaces: Abbey, Romsey and Cherry Hinton
Streets and housing areas: Abbey, Cherry Hinton, Queen Edith's and West Chesterton
Parks and open spaces: Arbury, Castle, East Chesterton, King’s Hedges, Newnham, Petersfield and West Chesterton

We prioritise planting in the following order:

  1. Replacing trees in the wards we are focussing on this year
  2. Planting new trees that have been requested by members of the public
  3. Planting new trees in the wards we are focussing on this year
  4. Replacing trees in other parts of the city

Suggest a location for planting a new tree. Let us know if you think you have found a good spot for a new tree on council-owned land.

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