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Cambridge City Council

The mayor and civic engagements

The mayor is always a serving councillor, elected by the full council at its annual general meeting, and stands for one year in office.

The mayor is the first citizen and chosen representative of the city, acting as the focal point of the community as well as promoting the city.

Role of the mayor

  • Represent the city at civic functions and engagements
  • Promote the city nationally and internationally
  • Support local charities and community groups
  • Attend religious events of all denominations
  • Meet delegates from twinned cities
  • Chair council meetings

Our civic handbook [PDF, 0.4MB] provides the mayor (and any councillors interested in considering the role) with an overview of the role and the available support.

Invite the mayor to your event

If you are organising an event in the city and would like to invite the mayor, please email  or write to the Mayor's Office, The Guildhall, Cambridge CB2 3QJ.

Please be aware that the mayor's diary is planned well ahead, so it is helpful to give as much notice of your event as possible. Notification of an engagement should be received with at least two weeks’ notice.  We aim to respond to invitations within five working days.

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