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Repair grants and loans from HIA

If you have owned your home for more than three years and you have less than £20,000 in savings, you may qualify for a repair grant or loan to help with work such as:

  • re-wiring
  • re-roofing
  • windows and doors
  • kitchen or bathroom improvements

Work must relate to the property itself, and not to fences or outbuildings.

We may prioritise work that meets fitness standards, and if demand is high we may have to prioritise work we can help with.

Repair grants

You may be eligible for up to £5,000 as a grant secured on your property.

Repair grants are fully means tested, and you may have to make a contribution to the cost of the work.

You can only apply for one repair grant in any five-year period.

Repair loans

Up to £20,000 is available where a repair grant is insufficient to meet the costs of all the works.

Loans are interest-free and fully means tested, and you may have to make a contribution to the cost of the work.

You must be aged 18 years or over to apply.


We are reviewing our enquiry and application forms – contact us at or 01954 713071 to request a form.


Repair grants and loans are registered as a charge on your property.

The grant amount is repayable only if you dispose of your home within 12 years. The loan amount is repayable only when you dispose of your home.

In some circumstances grants and loans are not repayable when the property is sold, for example if the property is sold to allow the home-owner to move to a care home.

You will not be asked to make any repayment prior to the disposal of the property unless there is a major change in your circumstances.


For more information email Cambs HIA at or phone 01954 713347 or 713330.