Apply for planning permission

Make sure you're applying for a property located in the city of Cambridge.

1. Decide how you want to apply

The easiest way to apply is through the

Planning Portal website

except for the following application type:

These application types aren't available on the Planning Portal and must be sent by post, follow the instructions below.

The Planning Portal site has all the relevant information to guide you through making an application.

In writing / by post
You can download the Cambridge city application forms from the Planning Portal (please see the exceptions above). Follow the on-screen instructions to find the relevant form.

If applying in writing, forms need to be printed and sent by post or delivered by hand to us. We require one copy for householder and minor planning applications. Please contact us to clarify the number of copies required for major planning applications.

2. Assemble the necessary documentation

Every planning application needs a site location plan and block plan showing the location and boundaries of the site you're planning to work on. The Planning Portal's 'Buy a Plan' service can help to ensure that you meet these requirements.

You also need refer to the local list [PDF]local supplementary list [PDF] and acceptable file guidance [PDF, 29kB] - these set out further information that will be required to process your application.

Delayed or invalid applications
Failure to submit a completed application form with all the required documents will result in your application being held up. It's best to submit any information that relates to your application at the outset of your submission.

3. Calculate the fee

All fees need to be paid before an application can be considered. 

4. Pay the fee

  • You can pay online through the planning portal as you submit your application.
    If you for any reason you can't pay at the time you submit your application, you can call our Customer Service Centre: 01223 457200 to pay over the phone - you'll need the planning portal reference number given on your application.
  • If you're sending in a printed application, include a cheque or call our Customer Service Centre to pay over the phone.

5. Submit the application

  • If you apply online through the Planning Portal, your application is transferred automatically to us.  
  • Paper applications should be sent to:

    Planning Application Support
    Cambridge City Council
    PO BOX 700
    Cambridge CB1 0JH

We can't accept applications by email.

6. The application process

Full details about:

  • the planning application process
  • how long it takes
  • how the decision is made
  • how you can attend and speak at a planning committee
  • where and how application decisions are publicised
  • starting your development or gaining further approval

can all be found on our planning process page.

Glossary of planning terms

The Planning Portal Glossary is a summary of phrases relating to land use and planning matters in England only. It covers a variety of issues ranging from new development and regeneration, to conservation and environmental protection.

A list of all application types.

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