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Cambridge City Council

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Partnership working

Like many local authorities, we work with national and local organisations to deliver some of our services. Partnerships also help us tackle our priorities of inequality, homelessness and the climate emergency.

We form partnerships when doing so will help us achieve our goals, save money, or reduce risk.

We ensure any partnership we enter has effective governance and clear accountability. It must have sufficient resources to deliver our objectives and be open and accessible.

Our guide to partnership working explains how and why we enter into partnerships.

Strategic partnerships

We have formed or joined numerous partnerships, including:

The Cambridge ‘resilience web’ shows other local groups and organisations that are working to improve life in the city.

Annual summaries

We present annual summaries of our key partnerships’ work to the relevant scrutiny committees.

Oxford-Cambridge Arc

The five counties around the line between Oxford, Milton Keynes and Cambridge are known as the Oxford-Cambridge Arc. The government and the local authorities along the arc want to ensure a better economic, social and environmental future for the area.

Primary authority for businesses

We act as primary authority for some local businesses. This means we provide them with advice on meeting regulations, which the local authorities at their other premises must respect.

Contact us if you would like us to act as primary authority for your business.

Council services

We share some services with South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) and Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC).

  • We share our planning and waste services with SCDC
  • We share our building control, ICT and legal services with HDC and SCDC