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Cambridge City Council

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Our planning for emergencies

Accidents, whether human or natural, occur from time to time. They can occur on a small or large scale - fire, transport disaster, chemical incident, flooding, pandemic flu or a terrorist attack - and of course there is always the unexpected.

Our role in an emergency is to:

  • support the emergency services in all areas of their work
  • maintain essential services
  • assist in returning the community to a state of normality as soon as possible.

Our aim is to prepare emergency plans and make arrangements to protect the people, property and environment of Cambridge and reduce the impact on them from an emergency.

As a member of the local resilience forum, we liaise with the emergency services, the Cambridgeshire Emergency Management Team, other local councils and unitary authorities, voluntary organisations and private agencies to ensure that we have an integrated response to an emergency.

Working together we prepare contingency plans and organise major-incident training and exercises to prepare for emergencies.

Whatever the incident, the role of Cambridge City Council is always to provide support and care to the community and to get things back to normality as soon as possible.

The Community Risk Register (CRR) is a constantly evolving document that helps us to assess the threats and risks to Cambridge and plan for the response and recovery should an incident occur. The ultimate objective is to minimise impact of disaster on the day-to-day lives of the community and the environment and to assist the return to normality.

Our planning officer is responsible for assisting in the emergency preparedness of the council and providing assistance and guidance to businesses and the general public. This can cover a wide range of emergencies such as floods, chemical leaks and gas explosions through to comparatively minor incidents.

An emergency planning officer is on call at all times to deal with any emergency.

Visit the Health Protection Agency website for further information.