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Cambridge City Council

Out of the Ordinary street arts festival, August Bank Holiday

11 July 2023

Experience the extraordinary in the streets of Cambridge over the August bank holiday weekend, 26 and 27 August.

Supported by Cambridge BID, the Out of the Ordinary festival is a new city centre event this summer. Performance artists will bring fantastical worlds of colour, imagination and humour to Cambridge’s historic streets, entertaining and amazing as they go.

Cllr Mairéad Healy, Executive Councillor for Communities, said: "We’re delighted to be bringing the Out of the Ordinary street arts festival to Cambridge for the first time over the August bank holiday weekend. An array of outdoor arts will transform the historic streets of Cambridge, filling them with energy, excitement and colour as they become stages for artists and street performers, dazzling passers-by with extraordinary feats of imagination and physical theatre.

"This free city centre entertainment promises to be truly out of the ordinary and perfect for families in Cambridge over the holiday period."

Whether it’s a souped-up shopping trolley dance display from Granny Turismo; iconic 70s toy inspired Big Mob, a bewitching, hilarious giant slinkies walkabout; twin-set clad Crimplene Crusaders championing good old fashioned values, alongside some unrivalled disco moves; traditional circus pushed to the limits with Out of the Box; or the startling Mirror Men, dazzling in their multi-mirrored suits… a weekend of wonder is promised, as these plus many more internationally acclaimed professional artists create a world of fun and make extraordinary memories. 

The full programme will be announced soon.