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Cambridge City Council

Shared Waste Service to trial four day week

5 July 2023

At Strategy and Resources Scrutiny Committee on Monday evening, city councillors agreed to support an extension to South Cambridgeshire District Council's four day week trial to include the Shared Waste Service.

South Cambridgeshire District Council had earlier approved the extension. Recent government statements about the trial, including a request that it be stopped, in addition to the decision taken by councillors on Monday, have led to media interest. Today we issued the following statement: 

Cllr Rosy Moore, Executive Councillor for Climate Action and Environment, said: “We are aware of the government’s request and South Cambridgeshire District Council’s (SCDC) request to discuss with ministers the evidence and data obtained so far, which does indicate that it is a value for money approach.

“The trial aims to find innovative solutions to local issues and yesterday at the LGA conference the Secretary of State commended councils that strive to innovate.

“The decision Cambridge City Council took on Monday to extend the waste trial was subject to robust scrutiny and is linked to wider efficiencies to maintain standards of service for residents in a difficult financial context.

“The independently assessed evidence from SCDC’s trial is, so far, positive. Our shared waste service with SCDC has faced recruitment and retention challenges and so extending the trial to those frontline workers is fair and equitable.

“I hope that the government will reconsider its position on the basis of the evidence that emerges from the trial."

The executive councillor leading on this matter is Cllr Rosy Moore (Labour), Executive Councillor for Climate Action and Environment. Spokespersons from the other political groups on this issue are Cllr Olaf Hauk, (Liberal Democrat) and Cllr Jean Glasberg (Green/Independent group).