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Market traders

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We have indicated below whether traders are present in the week (Monday to Saturday) or on Sundays, or both, but those listed as ‘Monday to Saturday’ will not necessarily be present every day. Not all traders are listed.

  • All Gone Ceramics
    Sells unique, affordable ware made in Cambridge – artwork for your table, wall, shelf all self-designed and hand made by artist and potter Marit (Mia) Ammerud (Monday to Saturday)
  • Alison Reed Chocolates
    Unique & handmade chocolates.  Also available to cater for private events, please ask for details.
  • Amanda Sutherland Beautiful Accessories
    For all bridal accessories and fascinators, or visit us on All Saint’s Market to see our range of trilbys, cloche hats and seasonal accessories
  • Arc-Genesis
    Sells quality digital photographs by Cliff Howes and Katrina Wilkie (Sunday)
  • Arcturus Jewellery
    Sue and Sharon sell tiaras, silver jewellery, wedding jewellery, bridesmaids' gifts and bespoke jewellery (ASG Saturdays)
  • Azahar
    We are a small independent Spanish and English family business specialising in importing the finest products from across Spain (Sunday)
  • brownbread
    We believe in using only the finest quality ingredients. We hope to offer a viable alternative to industrially manufactured bread by bringing back traditional skills to bread making. Most importantly giving people a choice! (Sunday)
  • Cambridge County Market
    Sells a range of baked goods, preserves, eggs and honey, garden produce and crafts (Monday to Saturday)
  • The Cheese & Pie Man
    We have been selling cheeses and pies for over eighteen years and pride ourselves on selling a quality product and giving the highest personal service (Monday to Saturday and Sunday)
  • Cheese Stall
    We specialise in cheese and only cheese. We have detailed knowledge of our cheeses and they are our passion. We do not trade in other goods; we sell cheese – great cheese (Monday to Saturday)
  • Emerald Foods
    Celebrating over 20 years of business on Cambridge Market and specialising in olives, herbs & spices, dried fruit, nuts and a huge selection of sweet and savoury snacks.  Emerald Foods is often referred to as 'the stall of temptation!'
  • The Hemp Store
    Jonathan and Lisa Thornalley sell all sorts of clothes, bags and other goods sourced from hemp and produced in fair and environmentally friendly conditions (Monday to Saturday and Sunday)
  • J & S Cant Militaria
    John and Sarah sell British, German and American militaria from, in particular British regimental cap badges (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Jackie Vine Glass
    Handmade glass using copper and wire, a collection of bowls, wall hangings and jewellery (ASG Saturdays)
  • Magpie’s Attic
    Magpie's Attic has a stockpile of aged vintage ‘treasures’ and, in addition, I only stock good quality, reasonably priced, repro items, so there is something for everyone in the range (Monday to Saturday)
  • My Little Shop Cambridge
    Offers an extensive selection of Handmade Gifts and Greeting Cards; along with a wide range of Ribbons and Buttons. There is also a complementary range of Craft Papers and other sundry items available.
  • Peter Graves Florist
    One of Cambridge’s longest-established family florists (Monday to Saturday)
  • POG Crafts
    Sells tiaras, silver jewellery, wedding jewellery, bridesmaids' gifts and bespoke jewellery (Sunday)
  • RachelTDesign
    Cambridge-based artist and teacher who works across a range of arts disciplines. As a fine artist and craft maker, I work on a commission basis to create bespoke house illustrations as unique house warming, wedding or birthday gifts (Monday to Saturday and All Saint’s Market)
  • Red Poll Camcattle
    Our cattle have become an everyday city sight on Cambridge's many commons and meadows, where they are free to wander, sleep, and feed as they please. This provides the conscientious consumers of Cambridge with the rare opportunity to see exactly where their beef comes from, and the high quality of the cattle's lives (Sunday)
  • Roberto's Deli
    English, French, Italian and Spanish cheeses, fresh homemade pasties, Italian paninis, cured ham, fresh Italian pizza and soft drinks (Monday to Saturday and Sunday)
  • Sellis of Cambridge
    (All Saints’ Craft Market each Saturday throughout the year and some weekdays during peak times in July, August and December)
  • The Traditional Dairy Produce Company
    Sells English and foreign cheeses made to a high standard from traditional recipes, using fresh milk, no additives or preservatives (Monday to Saturday)
  • Wild Country Organics
    A modern organic family farm run by Dr Adrian Izzard, who over the last 10 years has developed the growing techniques to produce a wide range of the best tasting organic vegetables and salads (Sunday)
  • Whoosh Cambridge
    Selling unique art and design by local artist David Mitchell with a cycling orientated theme. Fine art prints, posters, greeting cards, T- shirts, mugs and more (Sunday).

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