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Keeping dangerous wild animals

Private individuals wishing to keep certain dangerous wild animals must have a licence from us.

A list of animals requiring a licence is set out in The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976.


You can apply for a dangerous wild animal licence by downloading the application form [PDF, 22Kb]and returning it to us.

A fee of £344 is payable upon application.

Once your application and administration fee has been received we will contact you to arrange an inspection.

Completed forms should be sent to:

Commercial & Licensing Team
Cambridge City Council
PO Box 700
Cambridge CB1 OJH


The act aims to ensure that where private individuals keep dangerous wild animals they do so in circumstances that create no risk to the public and safeguard the welfare of the animals.

Animals classified as "dangerous wild animals" are identified in an accompanying schedule to the act.

Inspection and enforcement

In addition to powers of inspection, the act also gives us powers to seize any animal being kept on unlicensed premises.

Zoos, pet shops and circuses are exempt from the provisions of the act as these premises are subject to separate licensing requirements.

An annual inspection takes place upon renewal of the licence by a qualified veterinary practitioner and a licensing officer.