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Cambridge City Council

Grassroots Activity Grant to help children access physical activity

Our Grassroots Activity Grant provides financial assistance to help children to access sport, dance or other physical activity. The grant is kindly funded by the Community Fund at the Leys School.

All of this year’s grant funding has been allocated, so we cannot accept any more applications. We will re-open applications in April 2023.

Low-income families with children aged 4 to 16 can apply for up to £250 per family, per year.

  • You must live in Cambridge and receive income support.
  • You can use the grant to pay for joining fees, session fees or equipment including clothing and footwear.
  • The grant does not cover travel expenses.

If we accept your application, we will pay the grant directly to the club or organisation providing your child’s activity.

We’ll provide funds for equipment in the form of vouchers that you can redeem at sports shops. You must provide receipts within six weeks of receiving the vouchers.

Before you apply, please contact the club or organisation providing your child’s activity. You will need to add their contact details to the application form so we can arrange to transfer the grant to them.