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Payment system maintenance Sunday 22 September

Our payment system will be offline between 8am and midday for essential maintenance

Discounts for empty homes and annexes

The following applies for:

Empty furnished properties

No discount (full council tax must be paid).

Empty unfurnished properties

No charge for one month from the date the property became empty and unfurnished. When the discount ends, there's a full charge for up to two years from the date the property became empty. After being empty for two years, an additional 100% charge will be imposed (meaning the charge will be at 200%).

Empty and unfurnished properties requiring/undergoing major repair work or structural alteration

No charge for up to 12 months followed by a full charge. After two years, an additional 100% charge will be imposed if the property remains empty (meaning the charge will be at 200%).


Annexe discount

A 50% discount is available for an annexe if it's used by the occupier of the main building or a member of his or her family. The annexe must be situated within the grounds of the main building, and although it doesn't have to be attached, it must be included in the title deeds of the main house.

If a non-family member lives in the annexe the council tax charge will be 100% (with no discount).

Annexe exemption

An exemption will apply to the annexe if it can't be considered as 'self contained' (e.g. a 'granny flat') or is occupied by a dependent elderly (over 65) or disabled relative.

Appealing our decision

You can appeal if you disagree with any decision relating to liability, discounts, reductions or exemptions.

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