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Cambridge City Council

Check the latest coronavirus information, including what support is available and how it has affected our services

East Road closure likely to affect access to some car parks

The road is closed until 20 April.

Check 'live' availability at our multi-storey car parks

If you’re driving into Cambridge, this page will give you an idea of which of our multi-storey car parks have spaces available.

Multi-storey car parks

Grand Arcade car park

866 spaces (2% and Static)

Grafton East car park

730 spaces (6% and Filling)

Grafton West car park

267 spaces (4% and Emptying)

Park Street car park

255 spaces (11% and Static)

Queen Anne car park

500 spaces (7% and Static)

Park & Ride sites

Contact the county council if you have any questions about the local Park & Ride sites.

P&R Madingley Road car park

758 spaces (18% and Filling)

P&R Trumpington car park

1281 spaces (19% and Filling)

P&R Babraham car park

1133 spaces (22% and Filling)

P&R Milton car park

322 spaces (19% and Filling)

P&R Newmarket Rd Front car park

212 spaces (18% and Filling)