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Cambridge City Council

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Apply for an allotment plot

We can only allocate plots at the eight sites that we manage – see the allotment sites page for more details about them.

To apply for a plot at a site run by an allotment society, visit the Cambridge Allotments Network website.

All of our allotment sites have a long waiting list. We estimate the shortest wait for a plot to be about 12 months – at some sites it could be three or more years. The waiting lists for the Auckland Road, New Street and Empty Common allotment sites have been temporarily closed to new applicants, due to long waiting times.

Apply for an allotment plot

If your application is successful, we'll email you to confirm that you have been added to the waiting list. We're unable to give any indication of how long you will have to wait until a plot becomes available.

You can only apply for a plot at one site – any further applications for plots at other sites will be rejected.

If you live outside the city, contact South Cambridgeshire District Council to find out about allotments where you live.

Next steps

When you reach the top of the waiting list and a plot becomes available, we’ll contact you to offer you the plot. You must reply within two weeks to confirm that you still want it.

When we receive your acceptance of the plot, we’ll send you a tenancy agreement. You must sign and return the agreement to us within 28 days – your tenancy will formally begin when we receive it. If you do not return it with in 28 days, we’ll consider your application withdrawn.

You’ll also receive a copy of the allotment rules [PDF, 0.1MB], which you will be expected to adhere to.

Site inspections

We inspect allotment sites every two months at most between May and October, and at least once between November and April.

If we find you are not adhering to the rules regarding cultivation of your plot, we’ll send you a warning letter. You’ll have 28 days to improve the cultivation and standard of the plot.

If you do not improve the plot condition in that time, we’ll write again giving you a further 14 days to comply. If no improvement is made after the second warning, we’ll terminate your tenancy with immediate effect.

We define ‘cultivation’ as the planting, tending or harvesting of plants, or the preparation of ground to promote plant growth.